Established in France over 33 years ago, CERAP Prevention now operates all over the world through its 7 entities, employing over 600 people who all work together to support their customers efficiently, in risk prevention and radiation protection management.
In 2018, CERAP Prevention’s latest subsidiary was established, introducing CERAP UK to the market. CERAP UK’s aim is to deliver support to nuclear operators by providing engineering services, calibration, and irradiation services for newbuild, operating facilities and decommissioning.

Today, the UK has 15 reactors generating about 21% of its electricity, but almost half of this capacity is to be retired by 2025. In order to meet the UK Governments Zero Carbon initiative and lower Greenhouse Gas Emission Objectives, the UK has implemented a new development for Nuclear Energy Infrastructure. Thanks to CERAP UK being one of the key suppliers to many clients who are working together to facilitate this target, it will be achieved.

The service activities of CERAP, ADVANCE Engineering, ATRON Metrology and SEFC are carried out by the legal entities CERAP UK in the United Kingdom, CERAP Switzerland in Switzerland and NÜSAM in the United Arab Emirates.

affiliations & certifications

Affiliate member of the Society for Radiological Protection. ​

Affiliate member of the Nuclear Industry Association​

Depending on their activities, CERAP and its subsidiaries are ISO accredited: 9001 / 17025 / 18001