Irradiation tests

Thanks to our electron accelerator and our X-ray radiation line
we are able to offer irradiation tests. This service is used to check the behaviour of equipment and materials subjected to radiation in the nuclear sector as well as in the aerospace sector.

irradiation of a sample at

0 °C


0 days

to simulate the dose received by a REP tank in

0 years


  • Reliability of embedded systems

  • Ageing tests – irradiation test

  • Components qualification


  • Radiation effects characterization on materials

  • Surface treatment

  • Crosslinking and grafting – Fireproofing

  • Semiconductors doping

Technical characteristics

  • Energy range from 200 to 3500 keV
  • Electrons up to 10 kGy/s
  • X-rays from 0,1 µSv/h to 500 µSv/h (at 1m)
  • Irradiation chamber with temperature from 80K to 600K, vacuum or various gas

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